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Ballston Lake Pottery

 Offering A Distinctive Line Of Contemporary Pottery For The Home


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About The Pottery

The pottery presented at Ballston Lake Pottery is made of high-fired porcelain. The high firing produces a strong bond between the clay and glaze, making a ceramic surface that can be both beautiful and durable.

The pottery I make is designed and crafted to be used. It is lead free and dishwasher safe. Bake dishes and casseroles may be used in both a conventional and microwave oven. Given reasonable care, this pottery should bring years of lasting pleasure with continued use.


Visiting the Showroom and Viewing the Galleries

My showroom at Ballston Lake Pottery is open year round and located on a major state highway.  We’re easy to reach if you live in the Capital Region area or are visiting Albany, Schenectady, Troy or Saratoga in Upstate New York.  I encourage and welcome visitors to my showroom, for I have more offerings and variations of work to see here than I can present on the following gallery pages.

I keep a regular schedule of showroom hours.  If you are making a special trip, it’s always best to call ahead, as I do attend some arts & craft shows and travel too.

For those customers who can’t make it to my showroom, or just want to view my work from home, I’ve arranged my work into six separate gallery pages.  These galleries are presented by different function, glaze type, or firing technique.  Enjoy the images of my work and stop by if you can.  There is no substitute for picking up the pot you want and being able to feel the texture of the glaze, the balance of the handle, or the fit of a lid before you buy.


Ballston Lake Pottery

James Sankowski
906 Saratoga Road ( Rt. 50)
Ballston Lake, New York 12019


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Showroom Hours
(Jan.-March) Thurs.-Sat. 11AM---5:30PM
(April-Dec) Tues. –Sat. 11AM—5:30PM
Sun. by appointment